3 Ways Pinterest Improves Your Job Search

Pinterest your job search career advice inspiration jokes

You’ve probably heard of Pinterest, the San Francisco-based photo-sharing site that is home to an endless supply of dessert recipes and wedding collages. What you may not know is that you can use Pinterest to improve your job search.

Here’s how:

1. Stay updated on employment news and advice

There are a lot of cute puppies on Pinterest. Did you know there are also tons of useful infographics floating around the site that can help you understand which states and industries are hiring? Access this valuable career advice anytime by using the Pinterest mobile app.

Pinterest your job search dream job

2. Find inspiration and humor

If your job search isn’t going well, consider using Pinterest to discover career inspiration that may serve as a wake-up call to your skills and desires as a potential employee. You can do the same with work humor, which should help put a smile on your face even after a long day of job searching.

3. Expand your job search network

Pinterest currently has over 70 million users, making it a great platform for expanding your job search network. Creative types can use Pinterest to showcase your portfolios and market your polished designs and products. You can also get a better feel for various company cultures, sorting through which employment contacts and opportunities are worth pursuing.

You can check out Proven’s official Pinterest page here.

Do you see Pinterest as a valuable tool for your current or next job search? Let us know in the comment section below!

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