A Job Seeker’s Guide to Los Angeles

The City of Angels is full of employment opportunities for qualified job seekers. You just need to know where (and how) to look.

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Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the U.S. So if you live in the area, or plan on relocating there soon, you may find yourself facing stiff competition from other job seekers when it comes time to find employment.

Don’t worry — we’ve got your back. Here’s what L.A. job seekers should know in order to make more-informed career decisions.

Los Angeles loves entertainment

L.A. County added 39,000 nonfarm jobs in January, according to the Los Angeles Times. These job gains were bolstered by the information industry, including motion picture and sound recording.

Also, Proven data shows that L.A. residents are six times more likely to view entertainment-related job postings than job seekers in San Francisco, and twice as likely to view jobs within the entertainment category than New York City residents.

Maybe producing, writing, or acting isn’t for you. That’s okay because several other L.A. industries, including professional and business services, and educational and health services, have added positions in 2013.

Los Angeles is big on self-employment

The Atlantic Cities recently ran an eye-opening story on the geography of America’s freelance economy, mapping out the metros with the highest share of self-employed workers. Los Angeles currently ranks second (10.1 percent), with nearby Riverside ranking first (11.9 percent).

map America United States U.S. freelance economy self employed job seeker
Map by Zara Matheson, The Martin Prosperity Institute

Los Angeles is also home to the second-largest percentage of self-employed creative class workers (13.2 percent), and ranks tenth in median hourly wage for said workers ($23.50).

From Job Seeker to Happy Employee

We are excited by the progress we see Proven users making in their individual job searches, especially when it comes to the Los Angeles area. We have already featured two success stories from folks who have used Proven Job Search to positively impact their employment odds.

There are also several other resources L.A. job seekers can use to their advantage, including development centers and training programs. Alongside Proven Job Search, these may be just the tools you need to make a big splash in one of the world’s largest talent pools.

Have you recently searched for a job in Los Angeles? Let us know your experiences in the comment section below!

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