Are You Looking for Job Openings in All the Wrong Places?

January’s employment situation reveals an imbalance in the job openings that exist and the ads being viewed by candidates.

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We recently analyzed the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ January 2013 employment report, comparing it to Proven Job Search data gathered throughout the month. What we found was a noticeable imbalance in industries like retail, healthcare and construction. There are plenty of job openings, but proportionately fewer people are viewing job ads for these industries.

The real estate, accounting/finance, transportation, retail, healthcare, and construction industries created 109,000 jobs in January. This equals almost 70% of all employment gained in the month.

And yet, these industries represent only about 30% of Craigslist job ads viewed by candidates on their mobile phones in January.

The Bottom Line: It pays to adapt, and learn to fish where the fish are.

Adaptability is the name of the game in today’s tough economy. Think about your work history and skill sets. Do they translate well to a different industry? One that’s hiring?

Could you take a class to boost your portfolio, making yourself more marketable in a hot field?

Maybe it’s time to revamp your job search network, or start using specific keywords in your job searches and application materials.

However you go about it, take a few minutes to ask yourself: is a little bit of effort now worth a big career payoff down the road?

We think the answer is yes, and we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

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