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Portland grocery store jobs Green Zebra

Have you ever heard of Green Zebra Grocery? The health-conscious company is opening its first Portland grocery store soon.

Green Zebra combines the organic, healthy eating options of a Whole Foods, and showcases them in a smaller, 7-Eleven style store. The company’s first Portland grocery store is expected to open in mid-September in the Kenton neighborhood, according to CEO Lisa Sedlar. 

Kenton Portland Green Zebra grocery map Lombard Peninsular

Get a better sense of the location here.

Now hiring

In order to be successful, Green Zebra Grocery needs talented employees to help run its smaller-scale neighborhood store. In an interview with Sustainable Business Oregon, Sedlar revealed the company’s plan to hire between 40-50 people to accommodate its immediate hiring needs.

For what kind of jobs?

Like many Portland grocery stores, Green Zebra is hiring for a number of positions, including:

Some of these positions (Cashier, Producer Steward) are great job opportunities for students and new grads since they require less work experience than the open manager positions.

Here’s a full list of available Green Zebra Grocery jobs.

Why work there?

As we discussed back in April, grocery store jobs are a great way to earn money, network, and build your resume. What makes Green Zebra Grocery even more enticing as an employer is its support of local food businesses and commitment to zero-waste.

Green Zebra plans to open two more Portland grocery stores in the southeast sometime in the next 18 months. In the meantime, if you or someone you know is looking for work in Portland, let them know about Green Zebra Grocery.

Not interested in working there? Check out other Portland job postings.

Does Green Zebra sound like a worthwhile Portland grocery store to you? Let us know in the comment section below!

[Top image from Green Zebra Grocery]

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