Division Manager

ShurrFinancial Inc
Apr 09, 2013

Division managers are the main divisional heads. These professionals are well-rounded and skilled at lots of managerial functions. Some of these tasks include human resources, sales management, production management and administrative management. The division manager is the equivalent of a lieutenant colonel in military standards. They oversee a wide range of personnel and job functions. They have large organizational responsibility while reporting to the VP of Sales.


Division managers provide leadership and assistance to their team members. This could be over the sales, production, consulting or any other group of professionals. They provide technical direction and work-related advice. They oversee, review and direct the actions of their team members' assignments and projects. They make sure that their employees meet their goals and deliverable deadlines. They manage the communication and facilitate interdepartmental cooperation and shared work.

Staffing and Training

The division manager is responsible for assisting the recruiting department in the selection, interviewing and hiring of new staff for their department. They are responsible for implementing the training and certification process for all department professionals. The division manager must establish policies for the proper filing, documentation and handling of all department personnel training records and requirements. It is the division manager's responsibility to ensure that staff is properly trained and prepared for their work. The division manager must manage turnover and vacancies through proper selection and motivation procedures.

Conflict Resolution

The division manager is responsible for fostering positive relationships with the staff and customer base. The manager is responsible for handling all intercompany disputes and conflicts. The manager must establish policies for resolving personnel issues. The manager is also responsible for resolving all client or customer complaints and problems. This includes policies related to returns, refunds and exchanges. The division manager is responsible for establishing and developing customer service standards and policies.

Establishment of Goals

The division manager is responsible for developing department policies for achieving all company goals related to the responsibilities of the division manager's department or departments. These goals are established to reach sales, production or consulting goals. The division manager must establish an evaluative process for evaluating progress toward the goal. This process will include both team and individual progress and performance reviews.

Budgeting and Finance

The division manager is responsible for assisting the accounting and finance department with the creation of the department's annual budget. The division manager must implement controls over spending and procurement to ensure adherence to the company budget. The director must review the budget often and complete variance reports for any unusual or unexpected expenses. They must report all spending to accounting and assist in the creation of departmental spending and financial reports.

Key responsibilities of this position is Recruit, Hire, Train, Repeat.

What we offer:
Outstanding Medical, Dental HMO, Disability and Vision insurance
Residual-type program which pays 30% per account for hardware/software sales plus 30% lifetime, vested residuals
5% Guaranteed team commissions and residuals
Top performing sales people are eligible for bonuses including a cell phone allowance, monthly funding bonuses, and gas allowance
New Division Managers qualify for a $5,000 high productivity bonus.
Professional, ongoing weekly training, along with personal, one-on-one sales support
Performance Based to Salary+ after probationary period plus bonus, full benefits, expenses, company paid vacations, lifetime annuity income, unlimited paid vacations

We've been a leader in the industry for more than 16 years, with a management and marketing team that has more than 60 years of industry sales experience. We've created a successful sales strategy that offers high quality support, tremendous customer service and the highest level of value for our 4,000,000 customers.

Position Requirements:
10 years+ of executive sales management experience
Willingness to submit to background check
Positive attitudes and strong character needed
Strong customer service and people skills