Kenner Inc. Wire and Cable Systems

Kailua, HI

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About Us

Kenner Wire & Cable solves the most difficult electrical, telecommunications and data cabling challenges for industry and government across the U.S., Hawaii and the Pacific Rim―Asia region the Areas few others want to touch. Extreme conditions, such as cold, heat and humidity; restrictive time constraints; unusual Hi-Tech Network and advanced product needs; Required by complicated Complex and Sensitive projects.

Kenner Wire and Cable Systems was built to handle the most difficult challenges. Four Generations in the Wire and Cable Business.

A supplier of network systems that stretches across timelines and to the hardest-to-find cabling and infrastructure items, providing just-in-time delivery across the U.S. and into Asia & Pac-Rim.

What We Look For

Confident, professional, focused, team oriented.


Kenner Inc. Wire and Cable Systems

Kailua, Hawaii



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