Features Overview

We provide you with everything you need to make great hires.

Proven does it all. Post to multiple job boards, track applicants, use any device and collaborate with your team. We make hiring easy and risk free.

Post Job to 100+ Job Boards

Maximize Your Job Visibility

Not all candidates use the same job boards and it's easy to not catch all potential applicants if your job posting is only going to one location. That's why all listings on Proven are distributed to 100+ job boards. We also have premium listing options available for job boards like Craigslist, Indeed, Snagajob, Monster, Glassdoor and more.

Post to 100+ Job Boards

Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

Job Performance

Get a quick overview of how your jobs are performing and track your hiring process.

Sources Dashboard

Keep track of where your best candidates come from. You will always know which job boards are your best performing ones.

Powerful Search

Proven's search filters let you take control of your hiring process and stay organized.

Stay Organized & Save Time

Process and Categorize Applications in Minutes

No more digging through emails, downloading resumes and dealing with different resume formats. With Proven, flip through applications in minutes. Organize your results into Yes, No and Maybe buckets. Bulk message your Yes's to setup interviews and let us track everything for you. We streamline the whole process so you can get back to running your business.

Schedule Interviews

Our interview scheduler helps you cut down on no shows. The scheduler sends a reminder to the candidate both the day before and the day of the interview. We also follow up with you the day after to make sure the interview took place. Habitual no shows will no longer be able to apply to jobs through Proven.

Organize Applications

Leverage Your Brand

Job Performance Dashboard

Integrated Custom Careers Pages

You no longer need to talk to your web guy to advertise your jobs on your website. We will power your website's careers page with a page that exactly matches your current website's styles. It takes only a few minutes to setup and any jobs you post on Proven will automatically appear on your website.

Take Your Hiring On The Go

Use Any Device

Life is busy. Proven gives you flexibility that you have never had with hiring before. No longer be strapped to your desk. Start a job post on your computer, finish up on your tablet and setup interviews on your phone. Use any combination of technology. Our native iOS and Android apps help you take your hiring on the go and our website adapts seamlessly to any device.

Hire From Mobile

Even More Features

Store resumes for HR compliance

Try before you buy with our free trial

Easily distribute jobs to your social media accounts

Post jobs to 100+ with one click

Manage your team with roles and permissions

Customer support will help you craft the perfect job posting