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zazu kitchen + farm

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The zazu kitchen is inspired by a real sense of place. We are authentically Farm to Table, growing much of our produce with the caring attention of our farmer Milo Mitchel. We are as local as local gets and of the season to the moment. Menus are put together after a hunt through the gardens to see what is ripe and ready. Our style is simple and ingredient driven. We like to get the best ingredients and then not mess them up, but let them shine for what they are. Best ingredients are ones that are just picked, some never refrigerated.
We believe deeply in the responsibility of our purchases, seeking to support small farmers, diversity of agriculture, pasture living for animals, and respect for their life given, using all parts “snout to tail”. The kitchen’s scraps are saved to feed the farm animals. They have also been featured on Next Iron Chef, Guy’s Big Bites, Guy’s Grocery Games, Emeril Green, P.B.S.’s Chefs-A-Field and A Moveable Feast.

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What We Look For

great palate
positive attitude
desire to learn


vacation pay, tips

Other Information

food network
king + queen of pork
sonoma county best chef, bohemian

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