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About Us

All I wanted to do when I opened the first Snappy Salads was to offer people like me a high-quality salad in a place with a cool vibe. That was 2006, but I still have the same goal today.

It all started when I worked in corporate America. I was always running late. My morning meetings would run long and the afternoon hours were booked, so I often scarfed down an unhealthy lunch in front of my computer because there were no other options. When I did get a chance to eat what I really wanted, it was a salad. But what I didn’t like was getting uninspired salads with pre-made ingredients. So, I decided to open a place that would fit my life, my style, my quality expectations. With this as my inspiration, Snappy Salads was born.

Because quality is so important to me, I prepare all of my produce on site; make my soup and dressings from scratch at each location using high-quality ingredients like California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3-leaf Balsamic Vinegar, Parmigiano-Reggiano from Italy, and Maytag Blue Cheese; grill all-natural chicken and hormone- and antibiotic-free steak over mesquite; and sauté wild line-caught Sockeye Salmon to order.

You might say you don't like salads, it probably hasn't been a good one. Snappy Salads will change your mind. Snappy Salads has won numerous awards since our opening in 2006.

I am committed to serving the highest quality salads my guests request as fast and efficiently as possible. Thanks for making it Snappy.

Founder & CEO, Snappy Salads

Company Culture

Snappy Salads was started in 2006 and has always put people at the top of our priority list. We’re still relatively small but I’m adding more locations and I’m looking for people who want to be part of the opportunity and excitement of a growing company.

I’m looking for “A” players. “A” players are the ones who come to work ready and excited to contribute to the success of the company. They’re the ones that hold themselves to higher standards and expectations. They’re the ones who like to make work fun by being real and selfless. If you’re an A player, then you know what I am talking about. I want you.

At Snappy Salads, we all treat each team member, and their contribution to our success, with equal respect. In fact, respect is so important to us, that “we all wash dishes” is our first value. When mixed together with our other values – Every Guest a Gift, We Are Healthy, and No Excuses.

Founder & CEO, Snappy Salads

What We Look For

Successful employees share these 10 behaviors. Do you have what's needed.
1. Do you manage yourself? If you can manage yourself, you have the ability to effectively manage others.
2. Do you routinely demonstrate ABCD (“above and beyond the call of duty”) behavior? One sure sign of a manager-ready team member is a commitment to master and excel at the tasks at hand.
3. Do you have the respect of your fellow employees? All of them? Strong character is a critical cornerstone of strong leadership. If you have integrity, nothing else matters.
4. Do you model the way? When your Unit Leader discusses their top performing team members in meetings with their fellow managers, do they use you as an example of patience, performance and productivity?
5. Are you already a manager (without the title)? Do other team members tend to ask you the kinds of questions they’re afraid to ask real managers for fear of looking dumb or forgetful? Do you patiently explain and demonstrate the right way every time?
6. Do you train your own replacement? The promotion-worthy hourly team member shares their expertise and insight and successfully trains, develops and motivates the next generation of team members to excel in the role they once had…and they do it with fun and focus.
7. Do you calmly challenge the process? Manager-worthy team members master their role and actively search for - and often find - better solutions to common obstacles.
8. Do you spend time with other outstanding performers? Outstanding team members tend to hang with people who like them and ARE like them.
9. Do you like to learn and be given targets? The best future leaders are goal-oriented learners. They examine how the job they do might be done even better, and then share what they’ve learned with others.
10. Do you always seem to be working during the most profitable and productive shifts? Are you typically a part of the best and most profitable days?
Apply today if you can say "yes" to these 10 things.


We offer:
- Respect
- Competitive pay
- Performance-based cash bonuses
- Empowering work environment
- Free food
- Casual dress code
- Opportunity to advance by showing leadership and ownership
- Discounts on shoes
- Family Fund
- Paid Time Off
- Training
- Flexible schedules
- Work/Life balance

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