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Community & Events Manager Full Time

Startup Basecamp

Oct 29, 2018 - Downtown / Civic / Van Ness

Startup Basecamp is seeking a full-time Community & Events Manager to join their team in San Francisco.

The Community & Events Manager is responsible for developing, coordinating, implementing, and overseeing all Startup Basecamp events and programs. The Community & Events Manager works closely with SBC’s Founders and oversees relationships with volunteers, sponsors, and vendors. Experience in community management, event planning, an understanding of Silicon Valley, and a proactive, resourceful outlook are required.


About Startup Basecamp:

Startup Basecamp is the first Startup Hotel in San Francisco offering unique short-term co-living and co-working spaces for startup professionals and entrepreneurs to easily land in San Francisco. 

We have hosted over 1852+ international entrepreneurs from 48 different countries, who have raised over $815 million! It is our community of entrepreneurs, hackers, developers, digital nomads, designers and marketers who really make this a vibrant and exciting place to be.



Community Management:

  • Oversee the Community Manager volunteer (on-site) activities including but not limited to: connecting guests, organizing social events and ensuring a high-quality guest community experience.
  • Recruit and train volunteers (on-site) as part of the work-exchange program
  • Build and maintain local community relationships, including with service providers, sponsors, and vendors.
  • Serve as an ambassador and represent SBC at community events and activities

Event Organization:

  • Lead all professional event efforts around tech & entrepreneurship developing themes, topics, and calendar for in-house & public programming.
  • Lead SBC event sponsorship efforts including determining revenue and sponsorship targets, and identifying, cultivating, and liaising with co-sponsors.
  • Manage program logistics, including tracking speaker invitations and other correspondence, guest invitations, program attendance, catering, and assessing on-site needs.
  • Oversee day-of-event logistics, including liaising with speakers and partners, coordinating assignments, AV, catering needs and space management.
  • Coordinate post-event activities, including thank yous and follow-up tasks
  • Establish relationships with conference partnerships and have a strong presence at all events
  • Produce outreach and marketing materials for all SBC related events, such as flyers, emails, website calendar listings, and social platforms.

Innovation Programs:

  • Assisting in developing, coordinating and implementing Innovation Programs from the conceptual phase to their completion in partnership with both local and international entities.
  • Cultivating new relationships and selecting mentors for our education efforts on an ongoing basis.
  • Researching and contacting speakers, partners, and new prospects
  • Producing outreach and marketing materials

Experience and Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in business, marketing or related field
  • Minimum 3-5 years of event management, project management preferably in Tech
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in marketing and/or Business Development
  • Experience in a community-driven organization
  • Knowledgeable and connected to the Silicon Valley ecosystem
  • Successful track record planning and organizing events – specifically startup workshops, pitch nights and demo days
  • Highly organized & detailed-oriented with an entrepreneurial spirit towards problem-solving
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and communication skills
  • Outgoing and a natural connector
  • Quick-learner and multi-tasker able to handle pressure in a fast-paced environment
  • Proactive, autonomous & hungry to learn and grow
  • Results driven and able to ensure completion of tasks ability to work and execute independently
  • Comfortable working at times independently with minimal direction, and willingness to jump in wherever needed
  • Previous work experience at a startup or within the startup ecosystem highly preferred (especially at an accelerator/incubator), with a strong interest in technology, startups, entrepreneurship, and corporate-startup collaboration

— A Plus —

  • Have an experience in the Hospitality world 
  • Have managed a coliving/ coworking space 
  • Experience recruiting, managing volunteers 
  • Familiar with Adobe Creative Suite and video editing

How to apply:

Please submit the following to Maria[at]startupbasecamp.org with the subject line: “Community & Events Manager Application – [YOUR NAME]. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

  1. Your CV 
  2. Your cover letter
  3. A 3-minute video of yourself explaining why you would like to join Startup Basecamp and why you are the right candidate for the job
  4. Your preferred start date and your immigration status (please note, we do not sponsor visas)

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