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Solar Sales Position


May 23, 2019 - North San Diego County

EcoDirect is a renewable energy retailer specializing in solar grid-tie, off-grid, and grid tie-battery backup applications. Through our e-commerce platform and our sales department we help customers size and design PV systems to fit their needs. Our focus is in providing complete photovoltaic solutions to homeowners, businesses and government entities.  

This position will focus on photovoltaic sales and related activities.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A passion and ability to effectively educate other about solar electricity
  • Closing deals!
  • Field inbound sales calls / emails, assess customer needs and respond accordingly
  • Strong follow up skills
  • Using Salesforce CRM to maintain sales database on a daily basis
  • Call on existing customer base, generating strong relationships with new customers
  • Preparing initial sizing and design of system
  • Work with team to provide efficient and thorough transition from sale to logistics




  • High school diplomaProven sales experience
  • Ability to work in a dynamic high energy environment,
  • Ability to meet goals and deadlines consistently
  • Great prioritization and multi-tasking skills
  • Good proficiency with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel, Word, Google Docs, and e-mail

    Preferred Education / Experience

  • Solar photo-voltaic training
  • Associates or bachelors degree
  • Salesforce CRM or similar Sales / CRM software
  • Inbound phone sales


Full time standard office environment: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm


Compensation depends on experience. Base salary plus commission.


Eligible for benefits (health insurance, 401k) after trial period.


EcoDirect is an equal opportunity employer.

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