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Proven Launches First Mobile Platform to Help Small Businesses Manage their Entire Hiring Process

April 14, 2016, San Francisco, CA

Proven, the one stop shop for small businesses, is a leading job distribution and applicant tracking system.The company just launched its new pioneering mobile hiring platform.

Proven Hiring is the first mobile app that enables small business hiring managers to post their jobs to multiple job boards directly from their mobile phone. Additionally, Proven customers pay only when they use the app, with no mandatory subscription fees or contracts. The app is fully synchronized with Proven’s desktop experience. Job postings and the hiring process can be started on your laptop and later completed on your phone, or vice versa. Collaboration with team members works seamlessly and in real time across all mobile and desktop platforms.

With Proven, customers can post to over 15 leading job boards with one tap or click. In addition, hiring managers can select from a menu of premium job boards to further expand their reach. Once candidates apply, Proven users can schedule interviews and seamlessly collaborate with other team members in the hiring process.

"Our small business customers are often on the go, and we see about 40% of our sessions on mobile phones," said Proven CEO Pablo Fuentes. "It’s great for hiring managers to have the flexibility to complete the job posting and subsequent hiring process from either their desktop or their mobile phone."

"Proven is awesome. It only charges me per use, and I can access it on my phone, which means I spend less time on my computer and more time playing with my dog" said Tyler MacNiven, Owner and Manager at West of Pecos restaurant.

Proven’s unprecedented flexibility is part of the company’s efforts to bring the latest hiring technology to small businesses. "Small business can’t afford exorbitant monthly fees for features they don’t need. Proven gives small businesses what they need, without the clutter and expense of features that are only useful to much larger enterprises" said Sean Falconer, CTO of Proven. He added, "we are bringing cutting edge recruitment technology to small business owners with a flexible pricing structure that matches the way they run their operations."

Mobile recruiting is on the rise and will continue to be the trend for both employers and candidates. There are many tasks in recruiting that are best completed on a desktop computer. There are also many other micro-tasks that can be time consuming in the aggregate, such as categorization, scheduling, and quick responses to candidates which can be successfully completed on a mobile device. Proven is also fully mobile-enabled for candidates, providing a top-notch candidate experience to all candidates who apply through the Proven platform.

Proven has a fast-growing customer base of over a thousand small businesses in a broad range of industries including foodservice and restaurants, hospitality, retail, healthcare, financial services and many others. While there are many companies that focus on the hiring needs of larger companies, Proven is proud to be the hiring system of choice for smaller employers that need powerful simple products with great flexibility.

The Proven Hiring App is available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. The app is free to download. Users only pay depending on their job board choices when it comes time to post and distribute their jobs.