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About Us

We look for qualified and safe candidates who are serious about the industry. We screen each and every driver individually and don't judge on their background. We have specialized employees that work closely with people that may have issues with their backgrounds.
We hire drivers straight out of school or seasoned drivers with experience.
Our main goal is to help the driver find the right fit for him or her.

Company Culture

The great thing about our company is the owner was a trucker. For 17 years she drove as a solo over the road driver, which makes working here comfortable because we know if we ask a question about the industry, we will get the answers we need.

What We Look For

We look for applicants that will give us their true story. Why they are looking, what makes them a good driver, why they want to leave their current employer or why they chose to get into the industry. We expect to get honest answers from drivers as we will give them the same.

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