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Accounting Analyst for Tierra Mia Coffee Company

Tierra Mia Coffee Company

Aug 07, 2019 - Central La 213/323


Tierra Mia Coffee Company is seeking a highly motivated and energetic professional for the position of Accounting Analyst. The Accounting Analyst will work closely with Tierra Mia Coffee’s Finance & Operations Manager to assist with general bookkeeping and financial analysis for the company. The selected candidate will assist with monthly, quarterly, and year-end accounting reports for the company. The candidate must possess excellent quantitative skills, a strong work ethic, outstanding verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. The candidate should have a strong interest in joining a growing company and be eager to contribute to the company’s growth. The Accounting Analyst position is a full-time, salaried role with a compensation package that is competitive with similar positions in the area and will reflect the experience of the selected candidate.

Time Commitment: Full-time.

Compensation: Base pay, performance-based bonus, and benefits competitive with local industry standards


 General bookkeeping and data entry;
 Prepare, review, and analyze account entries and reconcile as needed;
 Maintain general ledger accounts to ensure reliability and accuracy;
 Produce regular financial statements, including cash flow, income statements, and balance sheets;
 Input and maintain vendor invoices and supporting documents;
 Sustain and advance department digital and physical filing systems;
 Research, monitor and analyze accounting data;
 Resolve accounting discrepancies and perform internal audits as needed;
 Responsible for month-end closing and year-end closing, including posting journal entries, reconciliation of account balances and general ledger accounts;
 Complete single-purpose projects and analysis as determined by management;
 Observe strict confidentiality and discretion when handling sensitive financial information.


 Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting or equivalent work experience;
 Minimum of 2-years relevant experience working in accounting and finance;
 Accuracy, attention to detail and strong organizational skills;
 Keen knowledge of accounting rules and concepts;
 Experience with journal entries, account analysis, reporting, and month/year-end closing;
 High aptitude in Quickbooks, MS Excel, and ability to create and update financial spreadsheets;
 Strong problem solving, research and analytical skills;
 Self-starter who can prioritize and multi-task;
 Exceptional work ethic, thrives in a fast-paced environment and eager to exceed expectations;
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
 Interest in Tierra Mia Coffee’s approach to coffee and café culture, and in contributing to the betterment of the communities that Tierra Mia Coffee is a part of.

To apply, please respond to this job listing expressing your interest and qualifications for the position.

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