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San Francisco, CA


Open Positions

About Us

Our mission is to help vacation rental managers and their guests make the most of every stay. We are world travelers who believe travel should be personalized and memorable, and that it can help bring people closer together to lead more fulfilled lives.

We're making vacation rental travel better by giving property managers the tools they need to automate their business, reach more customers, and deliver a 5-star guest experience.

Our Property Management Platform and Guidebooks help vacation rental managers distribute their properties across Airbnb,, HomeAway and more. Managers automate manual tasks, and communicate with guests with the right message at the right time. We also have the most connected API in the industry so managers can take advantage of the best software and services to streamline their business and increase revenue.

We have a small but mighty team of eight and expect to more than double the team size in 2019. The co-founders are based in San Francisco and the rest of the team is located in Southern California, Ottawa, Albuquerque, and Tokyo.

Company Culture

We are passionate. We care deeply about the work we are doing to bring value to our customers. We err on the side of caring "too much" versus "not enough". We believe that every relationship, whether it is with an employee, customer, partner, or investor, is a priority. We also believe this will differentiate us in the market.

We are helpful. Instead of telling people about our products, we ask them how they can help. We strive to bring the most value to our customers with helpful products. When we work with each other, we are happy pitch in when it makes sense, helping to build community and make working more fun.

We are kind. We believe kindness is a bridge to inclusiveness and community. We want every person to feel welcome as a customer, investor, or employee. Kindness helps us make every conversation, no matter how awkward or contentious, a productive one.

Because we are a remote team, we rely on open calendaring for our team to function.

What We Look For

We're looking for self-starters who love to work in a highly dynamic, exciting environment. We will rapidly grow the number of customers we serve and revenue we earn next year. We want everyone on the team to be excited about and welcome this challenge.

Our team is primarily remote. We rely on proactive, direct communication across all functions. We grant a lot of flexibility in work hours and autonomy to make decisions that work best for the company and the team.

The best applicants will take time to learn about our industry and products (information found at and They will bring new ideas to the table and be ready to roll up their sleeves to build up our operations, product, and customer base. They aren't daunted by what they haven't done before; instead, they relish the opportunity to expand on their knowledge and skills to grow and learn. We also expect a high level of accountability and leadership, because we are such a small team.


Competitive compensation packages that may include equity
Flexible hours and scheduling
Unlimited vacation

Other Information

We are passionate travelers
We offer flexible maternity and paternity leave benefits

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