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We are striving to help employees find the best and most highly compensated positions the market has to offer. We want to help them use all of their skills, be challenged in the workplace, and have fun doing it.

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HRmango is built on a 20 year foundation of advertising and recruiting challenges. We were tired of the limited HR recruiting solutions that existed in the market when it came to finding and hiring the right candidates fast. The companies we worked for didn’t have the budget for all of the expensive software and screening tools, or the time it takes to post on job boards and social networking. We didn’t have the time or money to hire our own recruiter for 6-8 months just to lay them off again when our hiring slowed down.

We wanted an advertising solution we could turn on and off as needed. A solution that was affordable, with all the bells and whistles. So we created it, and want to share it with all of our fellow HR professionals.

We have experienced HR recruiters in advertising, job boards, social networks, and recruiting in all areas of the world. Our experience ranges from small mom and pop start ups, to fortune 500 companies. We leverage job boards, social networking, and word of mouth to get you noticed. With nearly two decades of tried and true experience we remain on the cutting edge of the advertising and social networking market. We are always measuring the ROI on each dollar spent to ensure the greatest exposure.

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