Area Sales Managers

ShurrFinancial Inc
North Jersey
Jun 02, 2013

The Area Managers combines the duties of a relationship manager with those of a manager. While much of an area sales manager's duties will revolve around managing a staff, Area Manager is still responsible for achieving sales targets and other metrics for their specific geographic area.

Manage a Geographical Region

Area sales managers are in charge of sales operations over a given geographical area. The size of the area will depend on the size of the company and the client density in the area. Area sales managers typically report to a sales director or regional manager who manages several area sales managers. Some area sales managers are responsible for assigning sales territories for their subordinates.

Manage Staff

Area sales managers generally have several subordinates. These subordinates can be sales executives, or other managers, each with their own staffs. An area sales manager is responsible for the training and development of all his direct reports. If any of an area sales manager's subordinates fails to perform as the company requires, the area manager must conduct disciplinary procedures.

Target and Acquire New Business

In our company, area sales managers are responsible for the creation of new business. Area sales managers must prospect, or search out potential business, then qualify any leads that they prospected and sell products to qualified customers. In some companies, area sales managers must conduct sales presentations and are the point of contact for customers with questions or account issues.

Analyze Sales Data

Area sales managers must be able to collect and analyze sales data for their area in order to better understand how to maximize sales. Area sales managers have to use the collected data to forecast sales numbers in order to maintain an acceptable amount of inventory. Area sales managers have to be able to report their sales data and its significance to their superiors.

Coordinate Inter-Department Collaboration

At Financial Management Resource Group, it is easy for different divisions to remain segregated and have little contact with each other. Area sales managers have to be able to recognize when inter-departmental collaboration will benefit both departments. Area sales managers are responsible for communicating with managers in other divisions and coordinating any collaboration.

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience in closing one-call deals preferred
The ability to network and cold-call is also helpful

Key responsibilities of this position include presenting products and services to merchants, closing deals via pre-set appointments, ensuring properly written contracts, and continuous contact with sales management. Successful sales people in this organization run all pre-set and canvassed appointments, are adept at working referral business, and are great at networking.

What we offer:
Outstanding medical, dental and vision insurance; gas and cell-phone allowance (based on production)
30% per account for contract sales plus 30% lifetime residuals
5% Guaranteed team commissions and residuals
Top performing sales people are eligible for expense bonuses including a cell phone allowance, monthly funding bonuses, and gas allowance
New Area Management consultants also qualify for a $2,500 high productivity bonus.
Professional, ongoing weekly training, along with personal, one-on-one sales support- dedicated sales manager
Performance Based to Salary+ after probationary period plus bonus, full benefits, expenses, company paid vacations, lifetime annuity income, unlimited paid vacations

We've been a leader in the industry for more than 16 years, with a management and marketing team that has more than 60 years of industry sales experience. We've created a successful sales strategy that offers high quality support, tremendous customer service and the highest level of value for our 4,000,000 customers.

Position Requirements:
3 years+ of sales management experience
Willingness to submit to background check
Positive attitudes and strong character needed
Strong customer service and people skills
Reliable transportation is required

Successful applicants often have experience in:
Professional business-to-business customer service, account management, outside sales, and marketing positions.